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After dealing with many business owners, we have been asked the below questions many times, so here are the answers to some of the questions we get almost daily.

1 – Why do I need a Business Coach?

For the same reason that top athletes, famous business people and superstars all have coaches – because a coach can see the big picture, because they will not only help you survive but thrive!

A Coach will make you focus. A Coach will be your soundboard. A Coach will listen and give you pointers to improve your game. A Coach will be your marketing manager, your sales director, your financial planner, your training coordinator, your partner, your confidant, your mentor and your friend. Above all, a coach will tell you the truth about what you have to do to get better results and then make sure you do it!

In an ever more demanding business world, a coach is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

2 – What’s the initial FREE Session all about?

The session will show you just how different KanDo Business Coaching is from normal business advice. It’s about adding real tangible value to you and your business by offering you genuine, working solutions.

We know that having one of our 90-minute sessions with one of our business coaches will change the way you look at your business.

The session is completely free of charge and without obligation; a friendly chat where you and your KanDo Coach get to know each other and explore your business issues.

3 – How do you know this will work in my industry and my business?

The answer is quite simple: Kando Coaches are experts in building businesses. A Kando coach is trained in the kind of business and marketing systems that can make any business successful.

By combining their business expertise with your industry experience, this creates a powerful team for driving your business to new heights. Being somewhat distanced from your industry will also enable your coach to ask the not-so-obvious questions that will get you thinking and finding even better ways to improve your business.

4 – How will I find the time…doesn’t this just mean more work?

This is a question almost all overworked business owners ask. Yes, over the first few months you will have to dedicate time to reviewing your business and implementing new systems, but with the aim of you being much less tied to the business in the long run.

The further you are in the programme, the less and less work you’ll have to do. Instead of working harder, you’ll start working smarter. Instead of working flat out for the business, the business will be working flat out for you.

5 – What areas will you coach me in?

Exactly the areas that you need to focus on to ensure your business is successful.

There are six main areas your coach will work on with you: sales, marketing, team building and recruitment, systems and business development, customer service and (last but by no means least!) profitability. Of course, how much of each depends on you, your business and your goals.

Over 12 months, you’ll learn lots of effective methods to generate great prospects, convert them into super-profitable sales, bag the best staff, generate great referrals and repeat business and best of all…stop your business from running you by making it work for you!

6 – Why Kando Business Coaching? What makes you so unique?

  • Each KanDo coach works with only 15 clients a year, allowing us to focus on your success.
  • As successful entrepreneurs in their own right, our coaches can quickly identify where you are losing money and missing out on opportunities for more profit. We’ll help you take rapid action for immediate return on your investment.
  • Our unique Business Growth System translates seemingly complicated business issues into simple bite-sized chunks that keep you on track. It’s simple to use, and scores of businesses have proved it gets results.
  • As experienced coaches who have worked with many entrepreneurs like you, we are excellent down-to-earth communicators. We are strong enough and honest enough to drive you to be the best you can be.
  • We have a unique ability to help you see the big picture in your business. We’ll help you see outside the box, push your comfort zones and provide fresh ideas and solutions.

7 – Are there any Guarantees?

Just as a university cannot guarantee a degree without a student’s commitment, so we should not guarantee results unless you are dedicated to working towards achieving them.

We know without any doubt that the programme works – If you follow the recipe, you will gain the same predictable result.

8 – When is the best time to get started and how do I get started?

If you are frustrated at working too hard and too long, missing out on sales opportunities, family life and business growth, then the answer is Right Now.

Your hard graft and business acumen has got you where you are today, but now it is time to make some changes, do some things differently and probably learn something new.

Put simply – there is no time like the present to get you started on your dreams and goals!

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